The report «Sea Level Change for Norway: Past and Present Observations and Projections to 2100» is a joint work between Nansensenteret/Bjerknessenteret and Kartverket (the Norwegian Mapping Authority) on behalf of the Norwegian Environment Agency. 

Results for the Norwegian coast

How the sea level might rise along the future throughout this century, and how this will influence the water level during a storm surge, are the main topics of the report.

The report present regional sea level changes for Norway based on findings from the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change.

In addition to new sea level projections up until year 2100, the report includes new return heights for extreme water level for almost all coastal municipals.

Numbers for different scenarios will be presented at Se havnivå

The numbers in the report are the official numbers for each municipal, but will also be presented at Se havnivå, under the tab Future sea level. Here you will find a figure showing the projected sea level changes up until year 2100 relative to the period 1996-2005.

How the sea level will change, depends on how large the future emission of climate gases will be. The Fifth Assessment Report describes different emission scenarios. Numbers for the three different scenarios considered in the report on sea level changes in Norway will be shown at Se havnivå.

More reliable estimates than before

The regional models used in the new report give more reliable regional projections compared to the report on sea level changes from 2009, which was based on global projections only. Together with a better understanding, and new and more data, this results in better estimates.