As a part of the planned activities, two workshops were held on the site at REA in Podgorica.

For component 1 of the project ‘Address Register’, a workshop was held from November 26th-30th, 2018. The workshop gathered many important stakeholders including the State Secretary and IT experts from the Ministry of Public Administration, State secretary from the Ministry of Finance and representatives of several municipalities and of the Association of municipalities.

For component 2 of the project ‘Improve production of topographic maps’, the workshop on theme ‘Map Data Management in REA’ was held October 8th-9th, 2018. Discussed topics were the status of map management in Montenegro, simplification of implementation model from conceptual model, new data base generation and data base arrangements, next steps in the project. The workshop gave a solid foundation for successful continuation in development towards an improved topographic map production infrastructure.

The importance and implementation of an Address Register and rolling out addresses to all citizens and businesses in Montenegro has been recognized as a high priority for the Government of Montenegro. Address Register is one of the key registers of e-administration so significance of its implementation has many benefits. The importance of this Register implementation is recognized in the following areas: demography, economic, territorial statistics, spatial planning, then affairs under jurisdiction of police, military, tourism, healthcare, education etc.