This is in compliance with the EU directive for accessing and sharing geographical information both nationally and with neighbouring countries, and will be used in Serbia for instance to deal with flooding situations.

A small component of our ongoing project in Serbia  was to implement a geoportal. While it was a 'smaller' component in our project, nevertheless this tool is very important to Serbia: It provides both public and government institutions with possibilities for accessing and using geospatial data from all institutions, as well as exchange of harmonized data from different sources. It includes functionality such as a metadata browser and map browser, as well as downloading of various files.

Our project partners, The Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA) have presented Geosrbija to some mayors of local municipalities and to their management and heads of various departments in RGA. The Prime Minister will be their guest as well launch it officially in the very near future. Some members from the Prime Minister's cabinet have already seen it and they are also impressed.

We would like to congratulate RGA on this achievement and wish them luck with further development and use of the geoportal. The geoportal is available here.